Welcome guys!

I am so happy you decided to contact me,
and I look forward to start creating together
the best intimate wedding experience for you

A little bit about me

Hi there, I am Emily!

Intimate Wedding & Elopement photographer. I truly believe that uniqueness and going against the current is better than follow the rest of the world.

I believe that life is too short to spend it doing what others think is right, but instead, we should spend it doing what actually make us feel good and in harmony with ourself.

I prefer experiences than stuff, and simple things rather than a big show. I spent a good part of my life photographing big traditional weddings and now I want to use all my skills and passion for what really makes me feel happy and realised: Creating a safe space for all the couples in the world where they can feel truly themselves, free, and loved.

A space where they can enjoy their love for each other, and a meaningful time with families and friend.

A space where they can experience what it really makes them feel happy and alive!

More than just a photograher

I am your photographer, your inspirational guide, and your friend
I want to know everything about you, your ideas, tastes, personalities

Every detail useful to create a deep connection between us,
and start planning together your personalised day

I am here to guide you, giving you ideas, locations suggestions,
tips and trick, all the technical and emotional support you need

Why I love intimate weddings
and elopement

Freedom to be yourself, to express it, to make choices that are good for you.
Free to feel vulnerable, to enjoy intimate moment, to spend a meaningful time without rushing.

Free to live your best day in YOUR way.

When you go intimate there are no rules, instead, you are opening a door full of possibilities!

You can have a lovely intimate moment to share your vows juts between you too if you want,
or to do activities you like, exploring a city, doing a safari, sharing stories  and marshmallow in a yurt
with families and friends, literally whatever you want!

Let's make it real, together

How it works

Let’s talk about your
wedding dream

the date

Let’s plan and define
the details together

We’ll create amazing
memories for you

An entire day (up to 12 hours) and half (up to 5 hours)

This package is perfect if you are seeking a great adventure or simply you want to enjoy as many experiences as possible, and/or explore different locations. You can even decide to split the moments, to have half day of intimacy just for “The two of us” and the rest with your family and friends. You can use it for a fun pre-wedding adventure and a stay overnight going camping for example. There is no limit to imagination and this package allows you to go big and have everything reported from the beginning till the end!

Planning Support

You will get all the support you need to plan your special day including Initial questionnaire to get to know each other and your vision of the day

Locations ideas, suppliers suggestions, tip and tricks for the day, a customised timeline, inspiration for activities or entertainment, technical and emotional support


You will receive up to 1,200 photos in high resolution touched up, available also in smaller version on private gallery to share your pic with family and friends, plus printing rights 30 photos as previews within 24 hours.

A lovely wooden box with personal engraving + usb key

Travel Covered

Yep! There is no extra fee, my travel is included in the package

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Ready to get started?

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