How to get married this year and say goodbye to the stress

Getting married during Covid?

Dear future bride and groom...

I hope this article will inspire you, give you a different point of view, and guide you through this difficult times.

I know how you feel, as I have been trough the same situation just few months ago. 

My flight has been cancelled and we struggled a lot trying to figure out what to do for our wedding 

At the beginning the idea of rescheduling was looking the right think to do. But!

We stopped for a moment, and started thinking about what was the important thing for us, and putting on a side the initial vision we narrowed down the point which is: Looking into each other eyes and say “I want to live the rest of my life with you..” 

The only important thing is this… You get married for this reason, because you want to commit into each other lives and make it official 

Sample of Elopement  

And here it comes the idea:

Did you know that your wedding day doesn’t have necessarily to be like all the weddings you have already seen? 

Did you know that you can choose to plan your day in a totally different way, and maybe this way will make you feel even happier? 


Imagine your perfect day… what would you do?

Literally imagine what would you do, what would you drink, eat, what activities you would like to do… think about what really makes you happy! 

Do you see a walk on the beach? A ride on a bike? A Pic Nic? Don’t limit yourself let your imagination go.

Now take all the preconceptions  and rules that you know about a traditional wedding and forget about it! 


This is called “ELOPEMENT” 

Wait, I know what you are thinking about. 

“I don’t want a wedding without my family and friends, somewhere in the world.” 

Well you don’t have to, because this is not the meaning of Elopement 

First thing first: WHAT IS AN ELOPEMENT?


Cit. Adventure Instead 

There are no rules. There are no obligations. There is no stress. 

There is just what it really matter, what it is important for YOU

Let me give you an example…

Maybe you like the beach, and have long walk with your partner.


Imagine a day where you wake up in a lighthouse. Get a nice breakfast with your parents and friends (yes I said parents and friends). Then get dressed and smile… this is just the beginning! 

From the lighthouse you move to a marvellous clift with your future partner. 

You walk a bit with her/him and you have time to share your emotions in intimacy. 

Whenever you feel like, you can say each other your vows. (you don’t have to do it is just a sample) or maybe you are going to say it during the ceremony, however you prefer 

And the time arrived, your moment! This is really happening! 

Your friends and family are there, laughing and crying with you. 

You got married! Open a bottle of champagne and celebrate! 

Then, you move to another  stunning location for  a walk in a totally relaxed and fun atmosphere, all you have to do is enjoy! 

What now? Happy hour time! Grab a drink and have the best time of your life with your guest and families 😉 

The sunset is coming, and you are ready to move for dinner 

It does not have to be in a restaurant if you don’t want to, it can be whatever you like! 

A campfire, or a pic nic, a buffet under the stars or in a covered place, a private chef cooking your fav meals (like we did)

I will never stop repeating this, there are no rules, no “it has to be like this” 


As wedding photographer, I have seen so many times stressful situation during the wedding day, brides getting anxious for technical problems, time schedules to be followed strictly, rushing to do everything in time and often, unfortunately, all the effort was for the event 

I personally think that, a day so important should be focused on you not on the event or material things 

Do you know that quote that says: “The less the better?” This is what I am talking about! 

This does not mean that you can’t buy flowers, or decorations, or plan a style 

I mean “This is your day, you are the boss, you say the rules!” 

I would like to debunk some myths about eloping: 

  • They are just for two people 
  • You have to hike mountains on walk in a desert 
  • You can’t have guests 

“They are just for two people”  “You can’t have guests”

Who said that? You can invite your friends and families! 

You can invite whoever you want 

Of course being an intimate wedding, if the number of the guests is higher than 20/25 people can result difficult for you to manage the day without effort. 

I know, this  can be difficult for you , maybe you feel like you have  to invite more than 100 guests because not doing it looks disrespectful. 

But deciding to have an intimate wedding does not mean you don’t care about the people you have in your life. 

It simply means that you made the brave decisions to focus on what really matter: YOU AND YOUR LOVE FOR EACH OTHER 

“You have to hike mountains or walk in a desert”

Not true 😉  It does not matter the place. It can be in a town, in a cabin, in your house, in a park…

Remember “NO RULES”

It can be wherever you like as long you like it, and maybe there is something meaningful for you in that place

What about the legal part? 

It depends on where you decide to do it.

For example in UK you can not legally get married wherever you want. But you can have a symbolic ceremony in the place that you actually feel your special spot, and then sign the paper later/before (another thing we did) 

So you see? Deciding to elope take off all the stress, there are no boundaries, and gives you time to enjoy every second in a meaningful way 

It gives you freedom to plan something special and unique based on your souls

It take off all the stress due to planning a big wedding, and all the obligations you thought you had to deal with 

It gives you time to enjoy completely the moment and feel truly, authentically all your emotions 

These are just few things that an elopement will give you 

I am not saying elopement are better than traditional wedding 

If you want a big party, with hundred of guests, and massive decorations go for it! 

If you like it, do it! 

Even now, you can decide to elope whit just few friends and parents, and then trow a big party later when is possible 

I am just trying to show you that there is an alternative, that things can be different, that you actually have the power to plan your wedding day in total freedom and you can do it now! 

Sounds interesting? Do you want to know more about it? 

Give me a shout, I would love to help you create an amazing day!

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