Sara & Danilo Pre Wedding

Sara & Danilo

Couple Session

Nature, rabbits, majestic trees, and peace…

This is what you find when you go in Parco della Caffarella in Rome

This beautiful location was picked-up  together with Sara and Danilo  for their Pre Wedding session

I like to give advices to my couple, and one of them is considering to do 

a Pre Wedding session with me, specially if you are a bit shy, or you want to establish a certain connection with me before the day 

They accepted my advice, and I am so happy they did! 

I still remember those peaceful moments, spent following with the eyes the rabbits running free, that warm, orange light so typical of Rome sunsets 


Sara and Danilo laughs, while they were hugging each other under a glorious ancient tree on the top of a hill…

There was something magical in the air, the atmosphere, the positive feelings glowing from their souls…

Those two have such great personalities, I fell instantly in love with them since our first appointment. Sara is a Yoga teacher, while Danilo is a musician. I was so fascinated by Sara’s voice, the way she was expressing herself in a calm, peaceful way.. I would have listened to her all day!

Danilo is a quiet and peaceful character too. 

Every gesture and look from him was so calming and relaxing.

It is hard to describe in words, but I really felt connected with them, and in some moments, when I was allowing myself to rest and enjoy the moment, I had this feeling like I was spending time with friends not customers. 

It was magical, and so, so satisfying! 

Location: Parco della Caffarella 

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