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Questa pagina e’ dedicata a chi vuole avere un idea generale del mio stile fotografico senza cercare qualcosa di specifico. 

Di seguito troverai un mix di foto scattate per diversi matrimoni.

Per favore, nota che il mio stile di lavorazione delle foto cambia con il tempo, perciò se vuoi avere un idea accurata del mio stile di lavorazione puoi prendere come riferimento la prima decina di foto. 

Couple hugging on the top of a Cliff in Kent. The bride is wearing a lovely boho wedding dress, by Maggie Sottero. The groom is wearing a casual jacket with grey shades
Close portrait of a couple smiling and kissing. The bride wears a winter white coat. The groom wears a British attire
Portrait of a couple surrounded by bubbles. The light is behind them, creating a nice silhouette.
Couple hugging inside an ancient room in a Castle in Italy
Portrait of a bride with her bouquet. She is wearing a boho wedding dress, with veil, and a sleek up-do
Just married couple having fun. The bride is smiling while the groom hold her. An ivy plant is framing them on the side
Eloping couple. They are sitting on a cliff enjoying the sea view
A portrait of a bride getting ready for her wedding. Detail of the brush retouching her lips
Couple eloping in Italy. Portrait of the couple hugging in front of S. Peter Church in Rome
Photo of a bride sitting for her getting ready. She is wearing a green silk robe. Shot taken behind a window
Couple laughing and hugging each other under the bride veil.
Groom hugging bride during their wedding day. The couple is standing under a greenhouse, there are some fairy lights surrounding them. A vineyard in the background
Photo showing a couple kissing with S. Peter Church in the background
Just married couple walking in a famous street in Trastevere Rome. The sun is shining, there is a blue clear sky, and the light is gently lighting the houses
Couple hugging and smiling while they look at each other. They are close to an ancient wall in Rome. The bride is wearing a lovely white winter coat. The groom wears a British attire
Black and white portrait of a couple. The groom is kissing the bride cheeck.
Couple hugging inside an ancient ruins in Rome. The bride is wearing a white winter bridal coat. The groom is holding her, with his face gently rubbing on her shoulder
Couple kissing and enjoying the view from the top of a viewpoint in Rome at sunset.

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