Laura & Tom Elopement

Laura & Tom Elopement

Adventure elopement in Tunstall  Forest UK. 

Tom and Laura have been together for height  years and we they are best friends. They love spending time outdoors and in 2018, they bought their 16 seater minibus. It’s been turned into their first home on wheels. They built everything by themselves  together and now enjoy spending their free time outside and camping in the wilderness away from the stress of everyday life.They have been on many trips accords the UK and their favourite trips were a week on summer driving the Welsh coast from Pembrokeshire to Snowdonia in 2019 and spending Boxing Day to New Year’s Day 2019/20 road tripping around the highlands.

Their biggest goal is to go on an around the world trip together very soon.  They are both very similar and like a lot of the same things which is how they became friends at college at 16 years old and 2 years later they became partners. Tom is very laid back, and Laura is a planner so they compliment each other’s differences. They love music, winter sports, watching movies and being by the water in summer. Their biggest goal is to have a happy, fulfilled and simple life full of all of the things they love

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