Bryony & Harry Wales Elopement

Bryony & Harri

Bryony & Harri Elopement

This elopement shooting was one of my best adventures in 2020!

I have never been in Wales, and this amazing couple showed me hidden secret gems, that I never thought it was possible to find!

Bryony and Harri are two lovely wild souls, with a passion for exploring new places and practice aquatic sports like Kayak.

They love travelling around England and beyond, spending time hiking, and camping.

Their favourites places are in Cornwall where kayak and swimming are the best sports practicable, and Snowdonia with his variety of scenarios and stunning views.

They both are simple people, enjoying time spent surrounded by nature with friends and families. Always looking for the next adventure on the road! 

Harri is a peaceful and funny guy, he has a really simple approach with life, he likes to laugh and makes jokes.

You will never manage to upset him as he really has a calm aura surrounding him, I just loved it!

Bryony is a super sweet girl with a special light glowing inside her.

Artistic and creative person, sensitive and kind, the perfect friend I have to say, I would have spent time with those two forever!

We camped the night before around the lake Afon Glaslyn, had a barbecue and went to sleep early to be ready for the day.

Woke up around 9am and waited a while as we got a bit of rain, and started hiking till the top with few stops on the way to recharge with a nut barrette  and some fruits.

Getting till the top and see them sharing their love words in intimacy in front a waterfall was such an incredible joy! 


Location: Snowdonia    // Flower: Rocco Flowers London 
//Jewellery : Bryony  
// Make-up artist: Bryony

Landscape showing mountain view.
Couple walking in a forest in the UK
Cover photo for blog article
Mountain elopement. Lovely couple sitting on the rocks and cuddling.
Couple swimming in a natural pool in the UK.

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