Francesca & Emiliano

Francesca & Emiliano

A beautiful couple session in a secret wild place close to Rome

Having worked for many years in Rome, I always expected from my couples to ask me to go in the centre of Rome, talking about their favourite location.

This time, I got a surprise from Emiliano and Francesca. 

They didn’t want the classical, majestic ancient ruins of Rome. Nope! 

They wanted a natural, wild place, with nobody around! 

Very thoughtful indeed, as when you choose the location, consider also that the more the place is famous, the more possibilities  there are to be surrounded by people!

And this can be a deterrent for your emotional status. 

That’s why I was so surprised and happy at the same time! 

With this decision they assured for themselves a safe space to be free to be themselves and express it in an authentic way. 

They found  this super cool place called Galeria Antica, an ancient abandoned city with a rich vegetation around it.

From the beginning until the end, we felt more like friends hiking together on a Sunday for fun, rather than a photographer shooting a couple. 

There was no one  around us, and this contributed in  making us feel easy going and just go with the flow. 

We ended the day, with a beer in the closest bar, and a nice, friendly chat about our lives and dreams. I did not know this yet, but we became really close friends!

Today they have a beautiful little princess, called Sofia, she sleeps with a little light I bought for her, after getting the news! 

Location: Galeria Antica

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