Laura & Tom Elopement

Laura & Tom

Laura & Tom Elopement

Laura & Tom have a great passion for travelling and exploring new places. At the beginning they where travelling like everyone else, but they always wanted to be able to move everywhere without boundaries for accomodation and keeping the cost low. So they decided to make a change in their life, and that’s what they did! They bought a van, and modified it to make it become a camper! They did not just think about the sleeping part, but they took care for every detail, such the cooking section, and a final touch to decorate it which I have to say is lovely! A dream for many adventurous couples.Β 


We have been a bit unlucky with the weather, as after the first look it started raining. But this did not stop them! We could have gone in the van and wait for it to stop or calm down a bit, but they did not mind, like really bad ass wild lovers! We had such an amazing time, with this light rain tickling us, walking trough the forest, enjoying the view of a variety of plants, and making silly jokes! The perfect ending was the Pic-Nic time in the van, with something tasty to bite, and a cold, nice cider! More than cuddling in a warm, personal space such their beautiful camper what else would you want?Β 

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