Lake District Wedding

Katherine & Liam
Lake District Wedding​

Katherine and Liam really stole my heart! When I first read their email I wished I met them before, so I could contribute and help them plan their wedding. It was like relive my experience, seriously.

Their   were supposed to tie the knot in Italy, but then things changed as their plans.

Exactly what happened to me and my husband, we were supposed to fly to Canada and our flight was cancelled. Meaning that all the planning had to be done again. You can imagine…

But! They did not let this obstacle ruin their intentions.

In fact they organised a beautiful intimate wedding in Lake District, just like us!

It was simple, authentic, full of emotions and lot of fun! 

Although it was not as they planned at the beginning, they concentrated on what it is important for them. 

And that was having a special intimate moment with the closest families and friends, and a relaxed dinner in a characteristic local pub. 

I remember this moment when I was eating in a corner by myself, and Katherine arrived. 

I asked how it was going, and her face was so pleased and full of true joy. 

She told me “Amazing! So relaxed and stress free, I could not ask for better!” 

And that’s it, my heart melted. Yes! This is what I am talking about, find what really makes you happy, and just do it! 


Location: Lake Road Inn- Keswick // Ceremony: Lady Gillford`s House

Couple getting married in the local town hall. The bride is smiling while they are exchanging the rings.
Small wedding in Lake District. Couple kissing in front of the register office.

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