Jayson & Ruishan

Jayson & Ruishan

Couple session in St. James Park in London.

Jayson & Ruishan are a sweet young couple.

They came in UK for holiday from  Singapore, and decided to get some memories of their trip 

Planning the location and timing was quite easy, as they wanted a quiet place far from the crowd, but with something that could make everyone understand they were in London. 

St. James Park was the perfect solution for them! 

Collocated in the heart of central London, this beautiful park has plenty of space, pretty flowers and plants, and the best spot ever on the bridge in his central part. 

This spot is amazing because you can see from there a good view of the park, and most importantly London Eye

You can have intimacy, beautiful background, and the good fortune to be captured with iconic attractions, without being pushed or do the queue 

We had a nice walk in the park, played with squirrels, enjoyed intimate

moment chilling on the bench, and a final touristic walk towards London Eye, ending with some final shoot with it as background at sunset 

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