Simona + Craig

Simona & Craig


Simona and Craig contacted me years ago for their wedding and booked a Pre Wedding session in Ostia Lido, a very pleasant location on the sea cost in Lazio Italy. The location was the place where Simona was born and raised, so it was full of memories for her.Β 

Craig, a sweet guy from London, accepted with pleasure the idea, as he wasn’t really the “photo type” and a moment to better know each other was definitely useful.

Watching those two walking on the beach at sunset, was so relaxing and romantic. Simona showed to Craig lots of different spots, telling him stories about them, connected with her childhood 

And just like two kids, they took of their shoes at some point, and walked on the shore, to feel the refreshing, cool shiver, that just the waves under your naked feet can give you 

Location:Β Ostia LidoΒ 

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