About me

Hey there!
I'm Emily,

Since I was a little girl, I always felt like the “Unconventional one”. 

The out of the ordinary one, the “Different”.


I am also very sensitive and empathetic in a deep way like I am able to cry for someone that I don’t even know! I love nature, and my ideal day is relaxing and having fun in the great outdoors with simple people who love trying new, alternative experiences. 

Because of this, I know I can and I want to connect with others like me, those who are looking for things that are good for them, even if they don’t match with the “Trend” but it doesn’t really matter.. What matters is that YOU like it!

I am so happy you found me, and I look forward to hear your vision and guide you to create an amazing experience done in ‘YOUR WAY’.

Why I love intimate
wedding & elopement

I truly believe that going intimate is the best way to get married! 

It gives you a day where the focus is actually on you two, and not on the event. 

It allows you to be vulnerable, to be yourself. 

It gives you time to enjoy meaningful relationships with those who you really care about. 

It opens a door full of possibilities where you can decide in total freedom to do what really makes you happy. 

My Values

Humanity. I am not the “formal” type. For me it is important we have a friendly and human connection.

I am the one in charge of your memories after all, let’s have some fun together!

I believe that everyone should be free to make their own choices despite what others think. 

Free to express what it really matters to them, and what not. 


Unusual is cool! I love those “out of the scheme”, personal choices that only you would make.

If you asked me “Hey, I want to get married on a Hot Air Balloon, I would say “Let’s freaking do it!”

The day you are committing to each other’s life should be focused on you two, and give you time to enjoy intimate moments.

Eloping or having a small wedding allows you to have this very important thing.

My Mission

My mission is guiding you through the process of creating a very personalised day that matters to you, and create amazing memories of it in the most natural way 

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