About me

Hey there!
I'm Emily,

A crazy little girl with a true passion for photography, nature, and creativity.

I love yoga and meditation, everything that’s connected with well being physical and mental.

I dream about travelling the world with my job, and in my bucket list there is definitely a spiritual retreat in a yurt  (I don’t know why a Yurt, is just something that fascinate me).

My idea of perfect day includes spending time in nature with my husband and kind people doing adventurous and artistic things together.

Somebody would describe myself in short as a “Freak” and I can’t say no!

I have been working for big traditional wedding for many years, and now I switched to follow what my heart was telling me.

Working for out of the scheme, fearless couple.

I am so happy you found me, and I look forward to hear your vision and help you create an amazing
experience done in ‘YOUR WAY’

About my work

I am not just a girl that show up for the day and take some shots,
what I create with you is a deep connection. I want to know everything about you 
what’s your fav food, music, books, what’s your idea of “The perfect day”,
what’s your favourite quote, and so on.

Starting from this we will design your special day together!
You will get locations ideas, vendors suggestions, inspiration for little details,
tips & trick, and much more!

How do I work

Do not fear the camera! There is no need, I promise you!

I will report your special day with a natural, unobtrusive approach

I look for true emotions, your authentic version of yourselves

I will guide you connecting with you and your personal way to melt in each other

just as you would do every day, making sure that you are always comfortable and most importantly that you are having fun!

All you have to do is enjoy the moment, and be yourself!

Leave the rest to me 

Why I love intimate
wedding & elopement

Freedom, this is the perfect word to use.

They let you be yourself, and live your best day in YOUR way.
They allows you to have a wedding where the focus is on you two and your love for each other.
 They  are stress free, as you don’t have to run to follow a timeline.

They give you a quality time to spend with your families and friends.
They don’t have rules to follow, you can do whatever makes you happy.

Yes, FREEDOM to be yourself, to express it,
to make choices that are good for you.

Your wedding day is about you two,
and should be focused on your desires and ideas.

Couple smiling and laughing while they cuddle

Why you should consider it?

Going intimate allows you to create a safe space where you can decide everything in total freedom, be relaxed, and go back to memories with a sincere smile on your face. If you wish to have a day with just few people, to share your vows in a wild location, or looking the view from a hot air ballon or inside a textile factory.. you should do it! If you are dreaming about a humanist ceremony, or you want to have a ride on a bicycle, or have a tour on a boat… go for it! There are so many options! I am here to help you from the beginning till the end. My goal is to help you create an amazing wedding experience plus getting awesome photos.

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