Aaroon & Keely Mountain Elopement

Aaroon & Keely

Mountain Elopement

A beautiful, adventurous mountain elopement in the heart of Dolomites! It’s no secret that I  get excited when I can shoot in nature, but oh my, my! This elopement really was something! Not only for the beauty of the landscape surrounding us, but for the spirit that those two had.

Aaroon and Keely were looking for a special intimate space for their ceremony, with stunning mountain views. But they also wanted to incorporate on their day some hiking, as they love it and it is part of who they are. 

Finding this special place was not easy, as for every beautiful natural spot, there are also other people if not crowds. That’s why the best decision ever in this case, is hiking up to the top at sunrise, or even better at night around one hour before, to get that perfect light that appears during that moment.

It rained the night before, so when we started hiking, everything was covered in ice, and snow, it was like being hugged by a cloud. The view around us was foggy, and hell it was cold! But when you choose to embrace the challenges that life brings to you, nothing is impossible and awesome things will happen. 

This elopement was a perfect example of what I mean when I say “Enjoy the moment”. When you see those amazing photos with couples cuddling surrounded by perfect views, it’s easy to think that’s all it is, a full photoshoot day. That’s why I am showing more than that, because eloping really is so much more!

 We had to prepare technically and emotionally for this day, me and Aaron & Keely. We knew the weather was unpredictable, and it was important to keep an open mind, enjoy every second and unexpected situation, taking it with philosophy and a smile. 

Arriving at the middle of the trail, the sun started to come out, showing us a spectacular view of the peaks getting slowly an orange tone. The fog gradually dissolved, leaving space for a shining sun! The last part of the trail was very tiring, but the view we got at the top was priceless!

We did not wait much time as some big clouds were moving towards us, but A. & K. prepared themselves very quickly and chose their perfect ceremony spot. There, Aaron went standing and waiting to see Keely for the first time with her elopement dress. And what a dress! 

First looks… there is something magical when they happen! The emotions I could see transpiring from their expressions were so powerful I could feel them too. Aaroon father did an amazing job helding the ceremony, giving a touching speech, and living some intimate time, so they could exchange their personalised vows.

A first, happy kiss gave the start to the celebration time, popping prosecco and cheers with the family! We had a super funny and romantic time walking around, with Keely leading the way, playing with Aaron, jumping on the snow like two happy kids! We could have gone on for hours but unfortunately a snow storm started!

We grabbed all our things as fast as we could, and started going down, happy anyway because we made it! The hike down was very pleasant, the weather got more stable, and the snow was rapidly melting showing all the green grass and the mountains.

The day was yet not finished, as another last adventure was waiting for us. Yes, A. & K. wanted to end their mountain elopement with one of the most beautiful lakes in Dolomites. Braies Lake

This lake really makes you feel like you are in a fairytale. It was right when we were heading towards the boat that the rain started. But those two brave souls really nailed it! With an umbrella, and just a pair of gloves, they had their magical tour, enjoying the view of the mountain “Croda del Becco”. 

I am so proud of them, they really embraced the Mountain Elopement spirit, living every experience with openness, and positive vibes, enjoying their intimate time, with lots of love. Thank you guys for this! 

Wooden box for rings and vows book
Couple walking on the path towards the top for their ceremony spot
Couple exploring around
Couple hiking
Couple standing admiring the sunrise
Couple enjoying the view at sunrise
Couple standing close to each other in front of the mountains
Couple hiking up
Sunrise couple photos
Couple walking at sunrise
Couple walking together on the mountain path
Bride and groom with the groom's father smiling
Couple hiking up with mountain in the background
Couple walking in the morning mountain in the background
Couple admiring the snow around them
Couple and the groom parents hiking together
Couple getting finally to the top of the mountain
Couple looking around for their ceremony spot
Couple kissing on the top of the mountain
Alternative wedding rings and vow books
Bride tapping to the groom shoulder
Groom see for the first time the bride
Bride and groom right before the ceremony moment with mountain in the background
Couple cuddling on the top of the mountain
Couple having their ceremony on the top of a mountain
Elopement ceremony on the top of a mountain
Couple laughing during their ceremony
Couple reading their wedding vows
Bride reading her wedding vows and smiling
Groom smiling during the vows moment
Bride reading her vows with mountain in the background
Bride and groom exchanging rings
Couple exchanging rings on the top of a mountain
Couple kissing surrounded by snow
Couple celebrating with prosecco
Couple celebrating with a cheers
Couple celebrating with family
Couple cuddling with mountain in the background
Couple cuddling with mountain in the background
Couple enjoying the view of the mountains
Couple cuddling in the snow
Bride playing with her dress
Couple exploring with mountain in the background
Couple dancing
Couple dancing
Couple dancing on top of mountain
Couple standing in front of the mountain
Couple cuddling in front of the mountain
Couple snuggling in the snow
Couple cuddling on top of mountain
Couple standing in front of Mountain view
Couple cuddling in the snow
Couple exploring the peaks with mountains in the background
Couple looking at each other with mountain in the background
Group photo eloping couple with parents
Mountain view of the three peaks with couple
Couple hiking with family
Couple calling family
Couple hiking and kissing
Couple kissing with mountain in the background
Couple hiking down
Couple hiking down the mountain
Couple hiking down
Couple walking down the stairs
Couple cuddling on the boat
Couple Cuddling
Couple snuggling on Braies Lake boat tour
Coupe hugging on boat in Braies Lake
Couple kissing on a lake boat
Couple smiling
Couple snuggling on lake boat
Couple hugging on boat
Couple hugging on boat
Wedding rings
Couple celebrating their elopement at Braies Lake in Dolomites

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