Amy & Jeffery Italian Elopement

Amy & Jeff

Italian Elopement

A romantic, laid back Italian elopement in Tuscany.

Amy & Jeffery dreamed about a relaxed time in Italy for their elopement day.

Nothing too adventurous or challenging, instead, a stress free day with beautiful views of the rolling hills and reddish sunsets that only Tuscany can give you.

The interesting thing about their story, was that they did not tell the family and friends about their plans, but planned to do a “Reveal Party” once they were back to their country. What a splendid idea! It was very exciting to be part of it.

The process to plan everything required a bit more efforts as the ceremony had to be legally binding, meaning some documentation had to be prepared and steps to follow to be able to do it. Luckily Italy has many professional services available that helped them out with it.

Pienza was the final choice, one of the most beautiful towns in Italy, with a spectacular view of Campi Elisi.They booked a lovely B&B in the centre of the town, just a few minutes walking to get to the town hall.The initial plan was to have the civil ceremony on the view point town where you can enjoy the view, but being a very hot day, the location was changed for the room inside the town hall.

After a simple and moving ceremony, they celebrated with a nice cold beer to  with their friends, and we had a walk in the town, while tourist and locals were congratulating and smiling at us, it is always such an amazing feeling when this happens.

Before moving to the next location, we stopped by the initial spot that was supposed to be the one for the ceremony, so they could enjoy the beauty of it, and get some memories.

Sunset time was approaching, the final stop was waiting for us!

Dinner: Ristoro Vitaleta 

Ceremony: Pienza Town Hall



I knew that for Amy & Jeffery it was important to have their special, intimate moment surrounded by a typical Tuscan view, and I was so sad when we had to move everything inside for the heat, so I wanted to do something special for them.

Before getting to the final spot, we added a little stop close to it, a very special place, with e magnificent view of the golden fields, a white road in the middle,  and Pienza in the background. The perfect backdrop for a symbolic ceremony!It was a good move, they deserved their special moment as they wanted it, to be able to communicate their feelings for each other and add some space for personal moments, which is something that unfortunately a civil ceremony do not provide.


It was such an exciting moment to see them surrounded by vibrant colours and lighted up by the orange sunset light, while they were reading to each other their personal vows. I could see the emotion filling the air, and love spreading everywhere around us.

After giving them some time to release all the emotions, we walked to the Vitaleta Chapel, a splendid location in the Val D’Orcia heart, famous for its old Chapel sitting on top of the hill.


We spent the last moments of light walking around, giving Amy & Jeff time to live every second and truly enjoy the view in front them.I have to say that Vitaleta Chapel, not only is a magic place for eloping couples, but it also provide a restaurant service with view! I strongly advised them to book a dinner there, as a final touch for their Italian elopement.

It was truly a glorious day, filled with so many things to do and true emotions going on. I can never thank you enough this sweet couple for letting me be a part of it.


Thank you Amy & Jeffery

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