Tania & John Cliff Elopement

Tania & John


A romantic, intimate, magical elopement in Dover Cliff  Kent.

Tania & John, the pure vision of love. When we started planning the day

at the beginning they didn’t have a clear idea of what to do.

This is understandable, as when it comes to plan a wedding, you are influenced by the standard vision that you see every day on social media. 

I give them an imagination exercise to do, to help them out understand what it really was important for them and meaningful. 

I told them to imagine their “Perfect Day”. Not talking about the wedding day, but in general. 

If you could design your perfect day what would you do? 

Where would you go? What activities would you do, and what food to eat?

This is a super helpful exercise to do, that help you out listening your internal soul. And they did it!

What they told me was: We want to wake up in a B&B, cook some pancakes as we like cooking together, have a walk in Dover Cliff, a Pic-Nic, and share our vows there surrounded by the sea view and the waves sound. 

A dream right? I couldn’t be happier when I heard their plan! 

We found the B&B, prepared all the things we needed for the day such flowers, food and prosecco, backpack, blanket and just did it!  

Dover Cliff was their favourite spot (they told me later) because that was the place where they had their first date

So sweet and meaningful… It is important to choose a place that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed.

This is the moment where you are committing to each other for life, and you should feel totally yourself and free to express all your emotions without rush or any stress. 

Like those two did, in such a romantic way! 

Location: Dover Cliff    //  Planning: Emily Santoro//  Flower Designer: Rocco Flowers 
// Make-up: Tania Nosal 

Details of the accessories for the groom. A book for the vows in leather, a belt, watch and hat.
A couple sharing their vows on a cliff. The bride id reading her love words, smiling and enjoying the moment. The groom is gently stroking her face
Couple having their elopement ceremony on a cliff. The groom is reading his vows for the bride.
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