Rome Elopement

Rome Elopement

A beautiful elopement in Rome, the eternal city.

For the passionates about history, and for those who love exploring ancient cities, Rome is really perfect.

Walking in the center is actually like visiting a museum, only this one is open air!

There are so many things to see, and amazing food to try! Without forgetting of course our wine, that always goes well with meals here.

I always say this, eloping does not mean following specific rules, but it is being able to share a day that feels automatically yours and it is filled with all things that you love and desire.

For Kandice & Patrick, their special day in Rome was planned in a simple way, focusing on the intimacy for their ceremony, and visiting some of the most amazing locations in town.

We met at Hotel Barberini where they were staying, and spent some time getting ready for the big day. 

It was super cute the fact that they got ready together, helping each other with the clothes, and exchanging sweet looks to each other, like they were communicating in their secret way, (I loved it).

The weather was not at the very best, as it was raining, but they both really surprised me! 


We talked about the possibility to not have perfect sunny day, and I explained to them that eloping means also embracing the entire experience without focusing too much on details or specific expectations.

And they really got it! Despite the rain, they walked towards the ceremony spot with a huge smile on their faces, and a bit of nervousness, which is totally understandable.

The ceremony was simple and romantic, they added as special rite the Hand Fasting, one of my favourite rites, and celebrated with Prosecco popping!

We then headed towards Campidoglio square, where you can admire the Roman Forums from 2 different point of view, and enjoy a special moment in Caffarelli square, looking at the city from the top.

As last stop, the  magnificent Colosseum! You cannot say to have been in Rome if you did not see it, especially in distance like we did.

Kandice & Patrick ended their time spent with me with a lovely lunch with view.

It was such a fun and special day! There was no running, no stress whatsoever, and nothing to follow strictly. 

It was even more special hearing back from them, telling how awesome the day was, and how much they enjoyed it!

The power of eloping!

Celebrant: Italian Wedding Planner in Rome  // Florist: Flowers and Sisters 

Bride dress: Rebecca Vallance 

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