Four reasons to elope

Four Reasons to Elope

The reasons why a couple choose to elope

Are you thinking to elope but not sure yet?

Or maybe you heard this word, and want to know more about it?

Eloping can be so magical and liberating…

But it is understandable not being sure if doing or not.

So, why you should do it?

What are the reasons that convinced thousands of couples to elope? 

Let’s have a look at them, and discover if you are the elopement type.

Definition of Elopement

When you hear the word “Elopement” what comes to mind?

Are you thinking about those amazing looking couples hiking the top of a mountain?

Well, it is understandable that you have this kind of vision as for years media have been bombarding us with those “perfect” images carrying with them an “Idealised” idea of Elopement.

It is true that most of the Elopements you see on-line are in wild natural places with stunning views, but this is actually one singular aspect that might be included, but is absolutely not of all of it!

Eloping means so much more!


Let’s take a moment to see what the world elopement actually means:

Definition of Elopement :

“An elopement is an intentional intimate wedding experience that reflects you and your relationship where the focus of the day is on you two.”

There is nothing talking about hiking, or spending all day taking photos.

There are actually so many positive things that an elopement can give you and it’s my pleasure to tell you more about it.

First Reason: Intimacy

How many traditional weddings have you been invited to?

Did you notice perhaps what the couple has been doing all day?

 There isn’t a specific statistic for this, but for sure they didn’t have so much time to dedicate to themselves. 

Let’s be honest, when you are planning a traditional wedding you are preparing the biggest event of your life.

And most of the time all the effort is for the event.

Adding things, and inviting more and more people also includes responsibilities and less time to dedicate to yourself.

And this is not your guests’ fault, it’s just  how big traditional weddings work.


But what happens when you decide to elope? 

You are intentionally  creating space  for you and your partner to enjoy every little intimate moment, and a real quality time. 

To be free to cuddle in peace in a quiet  hidden place just for you two if you want.

To have the opportunity to share your vows  and whisper them if you feel it is more “yours”.

Second reason: Just us Experience

The standard idea of getting married includes many guests, but hey we are not all the same! 

There are other people who would like focussing the day on them, and eloping it’s a great way to do it.

When you elope, you can decide what to do and how to do it, in total freedom.

You can create an experience that is totally based on what’s important for you and your partner, making space for your desires and ideas. 

Third Reason: Experience over stuff

Many people think that when a couple is eloping they are doing it to spend less. 

While is true that an elopement can cost much less than a traditional wedding, it doesn’t mean that you care less about your wedding day.

You are instead investing your money in something different that has a meaning for you.

For those couples who values experiences rather than stuff, for those who like more the idea of a tour on a hot-air balloon rather than a luxury restaurant, elope can be the answer!

Instead of spending for fancy decorations and Photo-Booth,  you can spend your money in an exotic travel, or a breathtaking experience like Bungee Jumping.

If you feel like doing it of course, it does not matter WHAT experience.

What it really matters is what makes you feel happy and alive.

Couple swimming in a natural pool in the UK.

Fourth Reason: Less Stress

Yes, eloping can take off all the stress coming from planning a big party.

There are less things to think about, less technical details, and no strict timeline to follow. 

It can be really simple if you want.

No more “Should I put the plus one?” “In which table should I collocate auntie Jenny?”

I am not saying that big traditional weddings are wrong they can be a dream for many couples, and if so, go for it! 

Just consider what this includes.


Spending months looking for suppliers, calculate the budget, making lists, dealing with thousands of situations, and when the day finally arrive, be prepared because there will be other things coming.

I have been shooting traditional weddings for many years, and too many times I saw couples literally running to keep everything going on, making sure that the guests were having fun, transportations, group photos, catering, music, etc. 

Some of them did not even have time to eat something, or spend ten minutes having a relaxed chat with friends as the “maximum time allowed per person was five minutes”.

Planning BIG means BIG responsibilities, and a timeline to respect, for the event’s sake.

I would never want for you a day where you feel overwhelmed.

You should enjoy every second of this moment and remember that day as the most beautiful of your life!

Bride smiling inside an old fiat car. She has a delicate pink bouquet, and a simple sleek with waves.

Besides the “Planning Stress” consider also how much freedom and quality time you can get if you decide to elope.

Yes, there is planning also here, but it is less than you can imagine, and totally doable. 

Plus you will have a day where you are relaxed, comfortable, free to do whatever you want and when you want! 

You can enjoy as much time as you need to speak with your family and friends have sweet moments with your partner, enjoy the entire day with no exemptions! 

Oh yes, this is another thing maybe you didn’t know… 

You can elope and have your family and friends with you! Nobody said you can’t. 

Just keep in mind that the amount of guests should be contained to keep all the positive aspects of going intimate. I would suggest a maximum of 30 guests. 

Thank you

I hope this article was a source of inspiration and alternatives for you.

As you can see, there are other ways!

And this can be an incredible opportunity for you and your partner to create together a day, that you feel authentically yours. 

Sounds interesting? Would you like to know more?

Hit the “Let’s Chat” button and let’s have a chat! 

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