Best Places to Elope in UK

Places to Elope in UK

Locations ideas for your elopement in UK

A list of beautiful places for your intimate wedding

If you are looking for the best places to elope in UK you are in the right place!

This list is the result of a long online research, and location scouting for some of them.

Happy reading!

Let's start!

So you decided to elope…

Well done! Eloping can be so magical and romantic.

I personally think is the best way to get married! 

It allows you to have a day where the focus is really on you two and  gives you time to enjoy everything without rush, taking off the planning stress, and freedom to choose how to spend the day in the way the you prefer.

A couple having an intimate wedding ceremony in front of a small church.

Location: things to consider

The location is a super important part to consider as it will determine the experience you will have

Choose something  that feels right for you, it should be a place where you feel really happy and alive 

A place where you feel comfortable, that allows you to focus entirely on you two and this moment 

There are some factors to consider while you choose, like the scenery. 

What kind of scenario do you have in mind? Is it a beach? A mountain? An historical city? 

Take some time with your partner to visualise it, and ask to yourself: “What kind of place represent us?” 

Couple hugging at the top of a castle tower. Fields in the background

Seasons and weather are important too.

Some type of locations have their best moment in spring while other might have it during summer. Tones and colours are different for example in autumn and in spring.

Consider also how accessible is the place.

Some of the best looking locations can be easy to access, but specially for this reason

they might be crowded.

You can check how “busy” is a place just looking how many parking  there are around.  

There are some hidden gems tough, where you can have all the intimacy you want with

the compromise of willing to travel to get till there. 

couple standing under an ancient ruin surrounded by wild nature


UK is an amazing country  with plenty of places to elope!

Let’s have a look at some ideas: 


Lake District

This place is magical!

Lake District is famous for it’s stunning natural view of mountain and lakes everywhere

One of the most popular mountain  is the Helvellyn which is the highest point around 

The area has many alternatives for accommodation like romantic cottages, B&B, and

hotels for every budget. From rustic to elegant style there is plenty of choice 

Some of them offer also  Elopement Packages like:

– Cote How  

– Lindeth-Howe

– Loughrigg Cottage

Hidden River Cabins 

– The Gilpin

– Low Hall the Lakes 

If you are a mountain and lake type, and enjoy spending time surrounded by nature this is the right place for you!

I have to be honest, this location is in my heart, as we eloped there in Haweswater in 2020 m


A super romantic location in the south part of England.

This area is famous for the beautiful beaches and cliffs

Some of the most known places are Land’s End, Bedruthan Steps, Mullion, Boscastle, The Rumps

The north coast on the Celtic Sea  has a wilder nature, and there are many little villages

to explore and enjoy like Fowey Charlestown, or Port Isaac.

If your idea of perfect day includes a relaxed walk on the beach, a splash in the sea

and a dinner with the sea view, go for it!

Some suggestion for accommodations and/or ceremony if you want something more cozy than the top of a Cliff:

Lower Barns Wedding 

– BoHo Cornwall 

The Green Cornwall 

– Frieda and the Moon 

An extra positive thing about eloping in locations close to the water, is that you get even more intimacy for your ceremony

Why? Because the waves and waterfalls sound cover your voice, so when you are saying your vows to each other

nobody can hear it unless we put a microphone on you! 

a photo of the cornwall coast in uk. This is one of the best places to elope in uk
A photo of the coast in Cornwall. Cornwall is an amazing place to elope in UK. The beach and the clean water is the perfect match for a beach elopement


Gorgeous, adventurous, and full of alternatives! I love this place, it offers so many ideas and different choices 

Hills, mountains, waterfalls, castles! You can spend literally weeks exploring it and it won’t be enough time!

Some hidden gems are: the cave Witch’s Cauldron, the cape Worm’s Head, and Glyncorrwg  Waterfall, one of my fav! 

Wales doesn’t have just lots of different scenarios, but it actually open a door of possibilities if you are the adventurous  type! 

From hiking, swimming, surfing, kayaking, mountain biking and much more! If you aren’t it’s ok that too. 

You don’t have to be adventurous to enjoy Wales and it’s beautiful scenery 

Some venue suggestions: 

Nantwen  they offer ceremony solutions and accommodation not necessarily to book both 

The natural Wedding Company   a quiet and small private cottage 

– Eirianfa a lovely secluded farmhouse in Denbigshire


Scotland is just breathtaking! If you like fairytale places with wild nature around you, that’s it! You found your place! 

There is plenty of choices here too with National Parks, hiking trails, gorgeous mountains, waterfalls, beaches, Castles, and Islands! 

Some of the most popular places here are:  Eilean Shona Island on the west coast of Scotland, the archipelago of Shetland that

includes sixteen inhabited islands, Braemar with it’s beautiful mountains and pine forests, the Isle of Mull with it’s sandy beaches 

and last but not less important Isle of Skye, famous for the dramatic  landscape and  seclusion. Once you get there, it is quite rare

 to find someone else.

Here you can find some venue/accommodation suggestions : 

Eilean Donan Castle 

Roulotte Retreat    

– Elemental  


Ireland is one of the best places to elope! With those surreal magnificent landscapes, with ancient castles, cliffs, and quiet coasts 

Greenish hills, national parks, and mountains of course!

Imagine what a dream, sharing your vows in presence of this beautiful gifts that mother earth gave us 

You can feel the wind breeze gently stroking your skin, you can see the beauty of this amazing place that surrounds you, and all you

can hear is your love words, whispered to each other…

To share just few of these gorgeous places: Dunluce Castle, a suggestive manor  on the north coast of Ireland built on the rocks of 

the Cliff. You win double here as the view is not just stunning but it has the castle and the sea view! 

Kinbane Head is another lovely place where you win too! It is situated in Country Antrim in Northern Ireland and it has a romantic

view of Kinbane castle and waterfalls! There is also Killarney National Park, situated in the south west part of Ireland is famous for 

his variety of plants and wildlife, with deer, squirrels, weasels, and birds 

Menlo Castle is another stunning place situated just outside of Galway City on the banks of the river Corrib.  

This ancient ruin would be a perfect background for your wedding, as it is a quiet place not too crowded 


The Ireland coast. Ireland is famous for it's breathtaking scenarios, and it is a wonderful place to elope in UK
Beautiful landscape of Ireland. One of the most amazing places to elope in UK


These are just few options, but I will write soon another article that digs deeply the topic, offering more specific locations names basing on the area,  suppliers suggestions, and a detailed list of the activities you can do there.

So stay tuned! New great things are coming! 

If you liked the article, and want to know more about where to elope in UK, or if you have any questions about the magical Intimate Wedding world, let’s have a chat! I would love to tell you more and help you out!

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